We've been in your shoes
The reason why we can make this claim is because we have been in your shoes. The whole reason for carmosaic.com is the fact that its founders were people just like you. That’s right. We found ourselves in the exact same position that you’re in. You’re looking for the right car parts. You go after source after source only to be disappointed again and again.

We have walked a mile in your shoes and then some. In fact, we were so frustrated that we put up this website. We have scoured the world over for the very best selection. Keep in mind that we’re not just looking for the best prices. We’re also looking for that holy grail. What is the holy grail when it comes to automotive products and any other product for that matter? The holy grail is all about finding the very best high-quality products at the lowest prices.

What we have for you
Believe it or not, thanks to the modern marvel of manufacturing technology, this combination is now possible. I know, you’re probably rubbing your eyes as you read the text of this website but it’s absolutely true. You can bank on it. You can bet on this claim. Why? It all boils down to research. We have tracked down the very best manufacturers and got them to sit down at a table and we were frank with them.
During this sit-down, we told them how much of a discount can you give us on your very best inventory if we can deliver volume.
The rest, as they say, is history. That’s the whole philosophy behind this website.
The rest, as they say, is history. That’s the whole philosophy behind this website.
Whether you are repairing your own car, renovating your own automotive vehicle or you’re doing it for somebody else, we know that nothing is going to satisfy your needs except the very best.
This is why we have made it our burning obsession to look for the very best materials and offer them at the best rates. This is no small boast. We are not shooting blanks here. We can say with absolute certainty that if you cannot find the right part here, you probably can’t find it anywhere else. I know that that’s quite a claim because there are many junkyards out there where you can pick your part. That’s the whole appeal of junkyards. You can go there, you can find a car that fits the year and model of your automotive vehicle and get to town. You can take subassemblies to get the part that you need but let me tell you, even if you have access to such yards, we beat them hands down all day every day because the materials that we have available for you are absolutely new and are built to the highest precision standards. You can take that claim to the bank because it’s absolutely true and we have the thousands upon thousands of happy customers from all four corners of the globe that can testify to this fact.
If you have, in any way, been frustrated with car part sources, you have come to the right place. You’re no longer going to be frustrated and it’s going to be quite hard to get to wipe that smile off your face. You’d be surprised as to what parts are available here. Parts that you thought were so rare that they nearly bordered on the imaginary are actually found in plenty supply here.

We also offer great product backgrounds. How many times have you gone to a website offering all sorts of rare parts and are confronted with just the picture of the part and the model number as well as a one-word description? They would tell you that it’s a screw or it’s a lighter. Talk about an insult to your intelligence. Talk about setting you up for eventual disappointment.

No tricks
We don’t play such tricks here. Instead, we have a policy that there is no such thing as a make or model that is too rare.
Clear picture
If it has been manufactured for the US market, you can bet that it will be available on this website. On top of that, each product item is going to have a clear picture.
HQ pictures
I’m not talking about grainy, half-exposed, half-cut pictures that were scanned from hard copies. I’m talking about high-quality digital pictures of the specific parts that you are looking for.
The real deal
Again, stop rubbing your eyes because this is not a fantasy. This is not a mirage. You are looking at the real deal.
We also Specializes in...
Buck short
I know you’ve been burned by other websites talking a good game but coming up a buck short.
Operates differently
Well, say goodbye to such disappointing experiences because you are dealing with a company that operates on a completely different level.
Great product
Seriously. We offer great product backgrounds. We give you all the information you need so you can actually make an informed choice.
Simple philosophy
We run our business based on a simple philosophy. Happy customers are customers who return and share the word about our business.
We’re all about keeping it simple and that’s our philosophy. Guess what?
Higher quality
It has paid off handsomely for us for all these years and our business continues to grow because we are obsessed about giving you the very best selection of the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.
We give you the best

Fast Service

On top of all of that, you don’t have to wait forever for your parts to get to you. We offer fast service and if anything goes wrong, we have a no-questions-asked return and refund system.

Daring you

I dare you to find any other auto parts establishment in the United States or anywhere else on the planet that offers all these benefits.

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