About Carmosaic

We are car enthusiasts and we know how challenging finding the right parts can be.

About us!
The founders have logged many, many hours of wasted time in looking for the right parts at the wrong places in town. In fact, they got so frustrated that one day, they sat down together and vented to each other. You got it. This website is built out of the collective frustrations of the founders and their investors.
They understood that while finding parts for rare cars is actually quite easy, finding the right parts is almost impossible.
Right Price
The right part, of course, means the right quality. It also means offering the right products at the right price.
Big game
Sadly, a lot of other websites and auto parts online stores talk a big game but that’s all they’re doing. They’re just talking. They’re engaging in hype but they almost always fail to deliver.

Let's Face It
It’s easy to understand the challenge they face because let’s face it, this website actually delivers on the holy grail of auto parts or any other product for that matter. The holy grail is, of course, the highest quality at the lowest prices. Keep in mind that for the longest time, for any kind of product or service, you have to deal with the iron law of two. What does this mean? Whenever you’re shopping for any kind of product or service, you can find something that is cheap, fast and good but you can only pick two. That’s the iron law of two. You can find something that is cheap and fast but you can bet your house that it’s probably not going to be all that good.
Problem solved
Similarly, you can find a product that is cheap and good but the problem is availability. Everybody wants it so, good luck getting it delivered. Do you see the problem here? This used to be the iron law of two and I am to report that this website, carmosaic.com, humbly submits to you that we have solved the problem. Yes, you can get high-quality products at ridiculously low prices. You can also get tremendous assortment of products. We’re talking about amazing, mind-blowing selection.We’re not just talking about giving you an oil filter for a ’67 Volkswagen bug. You have at least 12 different filters to choose from. That’s the kind of quality we bring to the table because that is the quality we expected to get from other providers and we’re sorely disappointed and that’s why we are dedicated to providing the most excellent selection paired with the fastest delivery.

Right call

We also make sure that each and every product that we feature on this website has enough information for you to make the right call. Gone are the days where you are essentially left to your own devices as you try to make a guess as to what the product looks like because there’s no picture. Even if you were presented with a picture, it’s so messed up that you can’t tell an oil filter from a gasket to a nut and bolt.

We are dedicated

You can say goodbye to all of that because we are dedicated to the proposition that people need to get the right products at the right time to get the right results and we have bent over backwards, we have negotiated great deals, and the end result is this amazing site. You also get great aftersales service. How many times have you bought from an online store where they bend over backwards to get your business? In fact, even if you don’t buy anything, they send you email after email just to get you back.

No crickets

So, when you don’t get back and buy something, what happens? That’s right. If there’s a problem, you hear crickets. Well, that’s not going to happen here. If you have any sort of issue with any kind of product we sell, we are dedicated to putting a smile on your face. We’re all about getting it right the first time around.