What would be a better way of attaining fitness if you can build muscles, upper body strength and can attain techniques of self-defense? If you want to avail all these benefits and much more then it is advisable to purchase SmartMMA punching bags. Before you make a purchase, it is very essential to know about several specifications of punching bags which will help you to buy the best product. You are advised to consult several guides over the internet which will help you to get the right product.

Tips to purchase the right punching bags for your home

Bag weight

It is considered as the prime concern for people as it helps you to test your strength. If you are a beginner then it is advised to go for bags which are around 65 pounds, for a professional athlete it is advised to purchase bags of around 100 pounds. You can also purchase a punching bag half of your own body weight which is considered as the wisest decision to make a purchase for an ideal product as it helps you to build strength and agility.

Filling to be used

Bags come with sand, cloth and foam fillings. Unlike sand-filled bags, cloth filled bags cause less damage to the bones and ligaments of your hands. Furthermore, you are advised to make a purchase for bags which are filled with cloth fillings since they are sturdy and durable in comparison to the sand filling bags. Unlike sand and foam filled bags, cloth filling bags will also help you to increase the bag weight with ease.

Bags’ covering

It is very important to choose the right material as it will increase the lifespan of the product so that you don’t have to spend on frequent future replacements. You can choose from a wide range of bag covers viz. vinyl, leather, canvass etc. If you are tight on budget then it is advised to purchase bags made up of vinyl cover. If you are planning to use the bag outside then it is recommended to buy the leather covering bags as they are very durable.

What type of bag to choose?

You can choose from two broad bag ranges viz. standing and hanging. If you want to increase your strength then it is advised to purchase ceiling punching bags. If you want to save more space then it is advised to make a purchase for base bags as they help you to manage floor space in an effective manner.

Installation of ceiling bags

It is recommended to find a sturdy spot on the ceiling from which you want to hang the bag as the bag on an average is around 80 to 90 pounds which could even cause damage to a weak ceiling. Before you make a purchase of a ceiling bag online, make sure it includes screws and hanging chains which will help you to install the product with ease. You are also advised to purchase a bag which has a zipper option which will help you to increase its weight with ease.