If you are just a beginner and learning to sew then read this write-up. When you start using any sewing machine then there are a number of things that you need to remember. This will help you to sew successfully and you will be happy to see the sewing that you have done.

  1. Start sewing something very simple

Don’t start with any tailored garment like your jacket or a well stitched pant to start with. Those have been stitched by well trained tailor and you cannot match with their sewing in your first attempt. So, start with a simple project like handkerchief or a small bag, where it will not matter much if your sewing is not absolutely like any professional tailor.

  1. Keep your work area safe

Wherever you are sitting with your sewing machine, make sure that there are no sharp tools nearby so that while sewing, your hands may not get hit by any sharp tool. Safety is very important particularly for a beginner as you are using the sewing machine first time. Keep your hands away from the machine, except on the handle that you are going to use for sewing.

  1. Keep the necessary tools nearby

You may need certain necessary tools while working with your sewing machine and therefore when you start your work then you may need them time to time. So, keep all the necessary tools that are given on this website your reach, while you are sitting near your sewing machine to start sewing.

  1. Properly master in using your machine

In order to learn the art of sewing just start with any scrap fabric so that you can sew in a straight line. Try to adjust various controls and play with them to know how you can sew in different styles and designs by using such machines. Learning to sew with any scrap material will help you to master the art of sewing by using the machine so that you can start with your real sewing project.

  1. Always use your press too

Press the area that you have sewn so that it remains straight. If you keep the stitching straight then you will get much better result. The item that you have sewn will also look presentable.

  1. Hand sewing

In a certain area of the sewing project, you may not be in a position to sew by using your machine. For those areas, you have to sew manually. Therefore, you also need to learn how hand stitching is done. As a matter of fact, it is not too difficult to learn sewing by hand. Though it is slower than sewing with a machine, it can be much more effective than sewing.

  1. Save money with sewing

You cannot spend your money unnecessarily by going to a professional tailor if there is a minor repair needs to be done on any of your dress or any other fabric. Neither can you scrap your dress because of any sewing problem. Therefore, learning the art of sewing is going to be very useful for you.