The interesting thing about losing weight is that it involves many different dimensions. I wish I could tell you that losing weight involves you looking at the scale and fixating on the right numbers. It would be nice if weight loss is that straight forward and simple, but it goes beyond that.

Losing weight really is a score or an indicator of how you make decisions. It’s an indication of you level of self discipline, how you view yourself and your self esteem. It’s really a manifestation of so many different things that are going on in your life. It’s not just a number.

Sadly, when you approach it as a simple number, it’s very easy to drop the ball. It’s very easy to localize the problem to such an extent that you really can’t make any progress. Try as hard as you might, the weight simply won’t go away because your lifestyle can’t support permanent weight loss.

Don’t get me wrong, you probably would be able to lose weight every once in a while. I’m sorry to report this, but a lot of people are able to get this type of results. It’s not really out of the ordinary. What’s out of the ordinary is when people are able to lock down on the kind of habits they need to say goodbye to the extra weight permanently.

I raise this issue with you because it’s easy to look at the problem in a very superficial way. It’s very easy to think that you just need the right FDA approved lipo laser and your flab will be gone.

Well, let me tell you. You can go after one lipo procedure and lipo laser session after another and it would be quite an expensive proposition. At the end of the day, you really have 2 choices. You have to keep coming back to get those laser treatments or you can finally stop all of that and change your lifestyle.

When you change your lifestyle, you don’t have to spend money on FDA approved lipo laser machines and their treatments. You can turn your back on these machines permanently. Instead, the weight doesn’t come back because you change your mind, assumptions and the way you look at your body and yourself.

In fact, if you play the game well enough, your self esteem and self confidence also improve. How’s that for awesome?

Sounds great, right? Well, slow down. Seriously. It’s one thing to get lipo laser treatments, its another to actually start feeling better. Why? So many people have resigned themselves to feeling lousy about themselves, their looks, and their capabilities that unless they take extra steps, they don’t really benefit from whatever external solutions they use. This is a harsh reality that escapes so many people so they end up buying one product after another only to feel as insecure, broken, and confused as before they went on their massive buying spreed. You have to choose to feel good because you look better. It’s an affirmative choice.