Chances are high that you have encountered the all-new Forex Reversal Indicator at some point. After all, it is simple, popular and effective in helping the Forex traders. A more complex question is how it operates, how it works. We were able to ask this question to the developers and a team of Forex experts who developed it. In the lack of a more appropriate word, you will be surprised by knowing how the forex reversal indicator works.

The algorithm is the key

Guys behind answered that the secret in the indicator is the algorithm. It is advanced and complicated so we won’t be able to tell you to the point how it is developed. Of course, the algorithm is kept as a secret as well, so you will understand why we can’t reveal more details.

The algorithm is capable of tracking various retracing patterns in real time and analyzing them in milliseconds. Now you will believe that there will be a lot of different alerts associated with the algorithm. However, the reversal indicator is different. It is able to decrease false alerts by 98% and to display only the most important and the most profitable options you can see on your chart. This makes it easier to use and far more advanced compared to similar indicators.

In order to be displayed to a trader, an alert will have to pass several criteria all of which are more complicated than the previous one. In general, this means that traders will obtain only the most important and the most accurate alerts.

Classic and new methods are present in the algorithm

Classic methods are the ones that were developed by Fibonacci, Wolf and other people in the human history that had a massive effect on the currency trading. All of them are incorporated into the algorithm and all of them are essential in order to make it work so much better and more professional. This also means that the algorithm won’t skip or neglect classic alerts that must be displayed to a user.

In addition to classic methods, several new ones are implemented as well. They are beneficial due to the obvious reason. Forex trading advances and more and more possibilities are present. By adding new methods, you can make the overall result more effective and more profitable.

The best part about this algorithm is the combination of methods. It is capable of analyzing each trend through all the known methods and present you the alert that is accurate, precise and given at the best possible time. This is surely going to be helpful for you. At the end of the day, you will likely be impressed with how the indicator operates and with its results.


The reversal indicator may be the simplest one to use, but it was the most complex to develop. In other words, you will get simple and effective alerts that are based on accurate alerts within milliseconds.