Tracking a cell phone is no more a tricky task. There are a few simple and legal ways by which you can track someone’s mobile device easily.  It will help you figure out the location of that specific person at any point of time. Using these ways would help you accomplish your job without getting caught under committing a federal crime.

When you would require to track a cell phone?

Learning about the location of someone else’s mobile phone without their knowledge is not legal. Though, there are a few cases in which it is considered as legal and beneficial to keep track of a mobile phone.

  • If you are a working parent who has a teenage daughter or son. This facility enables you to trace their phones and be rest assured that they are safe. It is one of the ways by which you can protect them without being with them personally.
  • Another case is related to the ill health of your loved one. If you have an elderly parent, who is undergoing any mental treatment and is unable to take care of himself, then also it is useful to trace their location. Families mostly set up trackers on phones so that it enables them to keep a track on each other at all times. There are also firms who specialize in using the tracking system on their smartphones to locate an elderly family member.
  • Companies also trace their employee’s cell phone location to find out their phone once it has got stolen. fr is a well-known firm that offers free services and enhanced speed of execution to learn about the location of your phone as fast as possible.

Ways to trace a cell phone

  • Via Cell Phone Carrier

Most of the telecom firms such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon provide a paid service to their customers to track cell phone numbers that are linked to customer’s account. This requires one to have the consent of the person whose cell phone location you want to track. This is a legal way to trace family members while they are away.

  • On Smartphones

Many of the smartphone devices that run iOS or Android allows you to remotely access the present location of an Android smartphone through the internet. For this feature to work, it is needed that the GPS functionality of your smartphone is turned on.

  • Using 3rd party applications

There are various third-party applications that help in performing this task. It is important to get physical access to your mobile device to track along with the written permission to avoid any legal consequences. To use this facility, it is needed that both your phone as well as the phone that you want to trace should have this third-party software installed on it.


As we have seen that tracing someone else’s phone is not purely illegal. In many cases, it is done to safeguard the other person from any risks. If your intention is genuine, then the above three ways will definitely help you trace a computer or a cell phone legally.