Indian water purifiers are making quite a name for themselves in the world of stagnant water filtering. You may be thinking to yourself that this is not that big of a deal. After all, dirty water is dirty water, right?

Well, you might want to think again. There’s a big difference between dirty water that’s flowing and dirty water that has been in a puddle for a very long time. Stagnant water tends to be more toxic and has a higher chance of having parasites, insects and other nasty bugs. In fact, if you look at what could possible go wrong when you compare a puddle of stagnant water and dirty free flowing water, it’s no comparison.

It’s no surprise that organizations like the boy scouts actually would prefer that their scouts drink flowing water because there’s a higher chance that you won’t get sick. It’s not a slam dunk, but your chances of not catching diarrhea or developing some sort of nasty fever is much higher with flowing water than with stagnant water.

Flowing water means that the water has not had a chance to become a breeding ground for bugs and microbes. This is a good thing. Why? Well, the insects and bacteria need some sort of plant film or some sort of green plant tissue to stick to. That’s how bacteria work. They need some sort of tissue framework so they can be protected, grow, and multiply. Given enough support, these bacteria can grow and multiply. They can then pose a threat to health.

For this to happen, the water the plant film or structure is floating on must not be moving. Otherwise, the framework does not get a chance to form since water is flowing and constantly breaking up the plane of the surface they are on. Do you see how this works? Not much to it, really. This is why stagnant water is such bad news. The longer the water has been still, the higher the chance it has developed all sorts of plant fibers or grown organisms which can prove to be bacterial breeding grounds.

In fact, stagnant water has such a bad reputation that a lot of people would just avoid it like the plague. This is where Indian water filters come in. Indian water purifiers are so well designed and so effective and efficient that they make quick work of stagnant water. Yes. Even nasty, stinky and obviously dirty stagnant water is purified by these amazing contraptions.

If you don’t believe me, click the link here. Prepare to get your mind blown. I raise this issue in my car blog because if you have been on the road for quite some time, it’s anybody’s guess when you will catch a flat or if your car will fall apart. You have to know what your survival options are and obviously, finding a drinkable enough supply of water should be at the top of your agenda or near the top of your list.