Having PS4 [Play Station 4] for more than ten minutes will possibly fill the hard drive with games, screen-shots, etc. The only option is to increase the game console’s HDD [hard disk drive] storage capacity is to upgrade internal hard drive. It means replacing the existing one with large one. This method has become a past with the introduction of PS4 system software.

The rapidity, flexibility and ease of using PS4 SSHD [Solid-state hybrid drive] is appealing but what about upgrading or extending internal hard drive as in the traditional method.

PS4 HDD internal upgrade or PS4 external storage expansion – Which solution is better?

Both have their own pros and cons, so let’s get familiar with them first to decide.

PS4 HDD internal upgrade

If performance is your priority then upgrade the existing PS4 hard drive for PS4 system software [SSHD].

Pros of upgrading to SSHD

  • PS4 HDD is cheap and outdated because after a year of heavy usage it suffers reliability issues. Upgrading from HDD to SSHD means you gain the latest technology with better reliability and noticeable high performance.
  • PS4 software system gets installed on internal storage device, so overall system’s performance increases.
  • Notable faster loading of games and application in comparison to HDD but little less than SSD.
  • High reliability and steady performance because it has 5-year warranty, which indicates its solidness.
  • Unlike extended storage solution, you can store everything locally
  • Added security and safety because with external hard drive there can be incidents of damage or getting lost.
  • No external device occupies the desk, so saves space.


  • Relatively high price in comparison.
  • Upgrade process takes a couple of hours.
  • Maximum storage capacity is less than external storage solution.

PS4 external storage expansion

USB port positioned on the rear-side of the PS4 game console is connected to external storage device.


  • You gain more storage on your PS4 in just five minutes.
  • PS4 HDD upgrades need you to back-up the data first and restore on new hard drive but in this method the internal hard drive is not touched at all.
  • You get to store data in two places, thus get to classify and manage the content of your console flexibly. It is useful to share the PS4 with other family members.
  • The external hard drive can be carried to your friend’s place and played on their console without installing these games. One thing to remember is that the game will not launch on other’s PS4 without valid license, so keep license key information at hand.


  • There will be no performance optimization for whole system because main PS4 system storage management is still outdated and defenseless to unstable performance or storage failure in future.
  • External hard drive will be totally controlled by PS4 system because the moment you accept using external hard drive, the PS4 system will encrypt it in such a way that only PS4 can read it. You will not be able to use the external hard drive with MAC or other systems.
  • You will not be able to enjoy the speedy performance of SSHD with PS4 external hard drive
  • The USB port of the PS4 will totally be ruled by external hard drive and you cannot use it for anything else.
  • Internal hard drive resided safely inside the PS4 box but external hard drives are more prone to loss and damage

The bottom line is you can upgrade to PS4 SSHD for both performance and storage. After upgrading internal hard drive, if you need more storage then choose extended storage solution. Thus, you gain from both methods.