The best car lights out there are increasingly LED. This is basically evolutionary stuff. In fact, it might seem downright unthinkable as recently as 10 years ago. A decade ago, LED lights were very weak. When you turn on an LED light, it’s very dim. It’s also very soft. It’s not all that focused.

It’s as if you stepped into some sort of disco or dance club. Have you ever gone to a dance club and paid attention to the lighting? There’s not much lighting and what lighting does exist is very muted. This is why people tend to crawl away like cockroaches when the club hours end and the floodlights go on and everybody starts trying to adjust to the bright light. It’s just like shining a flashlight on cockroaches.

I raise this issue because LED lights nowadays are so powerful that a lot of people think that they’re pretty much generic. Believe me. If you’re looking for the best outdoor solar lights, you can’t play the game this way. You can’t think that the lighting component is an after thought.

You should not have the idea in your head that if you’ve seen one solar light, you’ve seen them all. Talk about a one way ticket to disappointment. This is a very efficient way to let yourself down.

The way to play this is to look at the total package. In other words, look at the whole process of buying outdoor solar lights like you would when you are in the market for the best car lights. You probably have bought lights for your car at least once. What kind of decision making process did you go through?

You should look at functionality, cost, how well it fits and the whole picture. You can’t just assume that because it has some sort of light that it’s one and the same as all the other models out there. You wouldn’t have that attitude when it comes to your car lights. Why should you entertain that type of thinking when it comes to looking for the very best outdoor solar lights for your exterior spaces.

So what other considerations should you keep in mind when looking for the very best solar lights? Well, first you need to consider durability. How long will the product stick around for? This is a big deal because the easier your product falls apart, the bigger of a rip off it is. Remember, you spent X dollars for it. You have to track the number of uses you got out of the product and divide the price by the number of times you used the product. The more uses per every single dollar you spent, the better the value. Next, you should pay attention to quality of results. How strong is the light? How crisp is it? Remember, you are not just looking for light. Any product can do that. Instead, you’re looking for really high quality light that helps you do more. Keep this in mind.